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The easiest way to get these all together is to download the Zend PDT All-in-one package, then apply the Aptana plugin and the Flex Builder plugin to it.

Browser Plugins:

  • FireBug – A very powerful debugging utility for FireFox. Features include HttpRequest monitoring, advanced JavaScript debugging and evaluation, DOM navigation and manipulation and much, much more.
  • Chris Pederick’s Web Developer Plugin – Another FireFox plugin with a variety of handy tools for web developers. Some of my favorite features include easy window resizing, JavaScript toggling, form manipulation, header information, cookie information and layout inspecting.

Resource Sites:

6 Responses to Tools I Use

  1. Del says:

    Hi Beau

    I was wondering what you use for a png fix in IE6? I was looking at your demo of the tooltip you created (which is great) and realized how smooth the png worked when I viewed it in IE6.



  2. Beau says:

    Hi Del,

    Internet explorer has a built-in filter style that you can use to load alpha-channeled (transparency) images like PNG into a container object as it’s background. The syntax is as follows:

    <div style="filter:progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.AlphaImageLoader(src='foo.png', sizingMethod='crop')"></div>


  3. mel says:

    i am an absolute beginner and bit off more than I could chew when switching to Dreamweaver to create a site. My original site was made in iWeb!! LOL!! I was trying to get the Spry Tooltip widget to work but my lack of knowledge about HTML code and Javascript stood in my way…..until I found your website. The link through to w3schools was FANTASTIC!!! I got up to speed in no time and filled the gaps in my knowledge – I’m on fire now!!

    thanks a squillion

  4. gmc says:

    I’m trying to use HelpBalloon with asp:ImageMap ASP.Net web control but I have some problems….. Could you help me?

  5. Aparato says:


    Just a quick note to say what a great script Help Balloon is. It fitted our needs perfectly.

    The only – very minor – addition I’d like to see would be an (optional) close button at the bottom of the balloon

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